Save time and money by using a quick and simple planning system

Provide yourself insight into statistics and trends on your golfcouse

Modernize your policy by setting goals, tasks and reports

Create your own quality circle for your golf course

Insight into the biodiversity of your golf course

Your financial situation at a glance

Instantly see which topics are exceeding their budget

Improve the contact with your customers through optimal communication

Share developements and situations with your clients

Show the flora & fauna present on your golfcourse

Show graphically the developement of the biodiversity on your golfcourse

EMS Golf

The web application for efficient, innovative and sustainable golf course management

EMS stands for Environmental Management System and is the web application that offers golf courses an efficient, innovative and sustainable management system. What started as a tool for the former Committed to Green has become a modular web application that encompasses the many aspects of golf course management in the areas of Policy, Work Environment, Finance and Communications.


Easily create weekly schedules for staff, products and machines. Accelerate the planning process by copying weeks and using "Quick Tasks"

Time registration

Let greenkeepers easily register the activities they have performed and the products and machines they have used to perform the activity. Time registration can easily be done using the pc, tablet or smartphone.


EMS Golf provides comprehensive statistics and provides insight into eg the maintenance of greens, the operating hours of machinery, the hours worked by a greenkeeper.


View contracts, absences, performed tasks, accumulated and remaining leave.

Flora & Fauna

Register the presence of Flora & Fauna on the golf course. Show the developement of bio diversity on your golf course using graphs.

Inventory management

EMS Golf links the inventory with the planning and tasks. The current stock of the pesticides, fertilizers and machine parts is always up-to-date.


The budget connects all financial aspects within EMS Golf and links them to budget topics. Instantly see which topics are over budget.


Determine the desired quality of the golf course. Create goals and tasks and track the progress of achieving the determined quality.


EMS Golf calculates the amount of NPK used and provides answers to questions like: How much NPK have I used this year on my greens and which greenkeepers did the fertilizing?

And much more...

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