What is EMS Golf?

EMS Golf stands for Environmental Management System and provides you the tools needed for managing the different aspects on a golf course. EMS Golf offers modules for the planning and registration of your day to day operations and creates an insight that can be used to optimize the way you work. EMS Golf is a web application that requires users to login and therefore an internet connection is needed.

What are the benefits of using EMS Golf for me?

The benefits for you when using EMS Golf are direclty linked to the extent you use EMS Golf. You can save time and costs using the insight created by EMS Golf and sustainable golf course management. Improve the contact with your employees and members using EMS Golf as a communication platform. Knowledge is never lost and is alway available using EMS Golf. When your goals is to become GEO certified EMS Golf is a valuable partner and provides a great level of support.

As an user of EMS Golf you will always be in control. You can decide which modules you want to use and the price of EMS Golf will be adjusted accordingly

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What kind of support does EMS Golf provide to get GEO certified?

EMS Golf assists you with both the registration process as well as the verification process. Once every three years a golf course is audited and you are required to provide the necessary information. When you use EMS Golf all the required information is available and you can authorize an auditor to acces this information.

Will I be assisted in the implementation and use EMS Golf?

When you have made the decision to use EMS Golf you will have the support of our representatives. They will help you setting up EMS Golf and give you an explanation of EMS Golf and its possiblities. They will always be ready to awnser any of your questions and provide assistence when needed. 

How can I purchase EMS Golf?

If you are interested in EMS Golf, please feel free to contact us. We can provide additional information and determine how EMS Golf best suits your needs. Depending on the extent you want to use EMS Golf a price can be determined.

Who can I contact for support?

You can always call or email us at info@emsgolf.eu if you have any questions about EMS Golf.

How much time a day do I need for EMS Golf?

After the initial setup of EMS Golf it only takes 30 minutes to keep track of your day to day operations. Information is added only once and can easily be copied.

Is my data stored securely?

Yes, your data is stored securely on specialized servers and back-ups are regularly made. No data is lost when there are problems with the server.

Is my data always available to me?

Yes, the data in EMS Golf is and remains your property.

Who has acces to my data in EMS Golf?

Only registered users that are linked to your golf course are able to access your your data and make adjustments.

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